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NORMAG was founded more than 100 years ago as a glass blowery in Germany and developed rapidly into a high quality supplier of laboratory glassware in the growing chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

At given time, the research and development departments of the European chemical-pharmaceutical industry were looking In the 50's and 60's for a highly skilled glass blowery as a partner to improve common laboratory components, to access reliable experimental data and to enable a scale-up - and NORMAG was chosen as the partner. Resulting from this fruitful cooperation NORMAG has developed a unique, highly qualitative laboratory component program. This component sortiment covers highly reliable valves and stop cocks with minimized leakage rates up to extraction and distillation columns like the ideal for scale-up experiments bubble-cap column.

In the 80's and 90's more and more customer requirements included not only the components but also complete apparatus and units. This was the ideal next step for NORMAG - the set-up of glass apparatus and units based on the own high quality and now process specific improved and well specified components.
In parallel, NORMAG started builing a a modern factory in the 90's in Ilmenau with intensively and continuously trained staff. All the activities have been successively gradually moved on this present headquarter.

Meanwhile the apparatus and units are in many cases not only glass units, but also process specific combinations of glass with other high corrosion resistant materials and stainless steel.

In addition, improved components, apparatuses and units are accessible for the experimental hall and production scale based on the KF- and SPF-flange system.

NORMAG is now your independent supplier of components up to complete solutions in glass and other materials from the laboratory to the production scale - "made in Germany".

Pfaudler GmbH is the new shareholder of NORMAG, from 29. 09. 2017

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